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Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

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Pregnancy yoga

If you are pregnant and are looking for ways to relax while also staying fit, prenatal yoga is the way to go. Also, if you’ve always had an active lifestyle and want to continue with that but not as heavy as before, pregnancy yoga is the way to go. Apart from helping you with your physical health, doing yoga while pregnant also helps with the baby’s health and plays an important role in preparing you for labour and child birth. This article will delve into the benefits of pregnancy yoga and how an expecting mother can go about the same, including safety tips.

Prenatal or pregnancy yoga focuses on stretching, centering of the mind and encourages focused breathing. Research has shown that this type of yoga is safe. The following are benefits of pregnancy yoga:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased strength and muscle flexibility for ease during childbirth
  • Helps to decrease lower back pain, nausea, shortness of breath as well as headaches

Components of Pregnancy Yoga

Breathing – Focus on breathing in and out; slowly and deeply through the nose. This helps to keep shortness of breath at bay. This would also come in handy wen working through contractions during labour.

Light stretching – Gently move different areas of your body like arms and neck through the full range of motion.

Postures – Whether you are standing, seated, or lying on the ground, gently move your body into different positions. This is aimed at improving your strength, flexibility and balance. You can use props such as belts, blankets and cushions for comfort and improved support.

Always remember to cool down and relax after your yoga exercises.

Safety Measures For Pregnancy Yoga

Get clearance from your healthcare provider. Talk to your doctor about your desire to start prenatal yoga and ascertain that you are not at risk of going into preterm labour or if you have such conditions as back problems and heart disease.

Make your yoga goals realistic

When starting out, do not pressurize yourself into intense stretching. Thirty minutes five days a week should be okay. Do not be over-ambitious.

Properly pace yourself and stay hydrated. Be keen and avoid certain postures if they hurt or are uncomfortable.

Other red flags include bleeding, reduced fetal movement or contractions. You should stop immediately and visit your doctor.

There are a myriad benefits of pregnancy yoga. You just need to find the right exercises, keep them moderate and do not overdo it.

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