Ways to Style a Plain White T-Shirt

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Style a White T Shirt

The plain white t-shirt, in my opinion, is a timeless piece that every girl must have in her closet. The outfit possibilities with this piece are endless, from laid back to dressed up. You can style a white t-shirt with just about anything for an instantly pulled-together look.

Here are some simple ways you can style your plain white t-shirt:

Under a sleeveless dress

If you’re looking to repurpose that sleeveless dress you have had for such a long time or hoping to wear your favourite spaghetti-strapped dress to work on a Friday, layer it over a simple white tee.

Keep that casual athleisure vibe strong with a pair of fashion sneakers and sunglasses or dress for Sunday brunch with stacked heels and a colorful clutch.

With skirts

The plain t-shirt can be styled with any skirt there is. From a leather skirt to a denim skirt to an A-Line skirt, this piece complements each well. This looks can be worn both during warmer and cold seasons.

The first look, with the thigh high boots is suitable for colder seasons or for a night time event while the second is for warm season. The second outfit looks best if paired with a pair of sneakers.

With Pants

Pairing a white tee with a pair of pants is the easiest yet versatile way to look chic and well put together. It could be denim pants or cotton pants. You can never go wrong. For a smart casual look you can try to pair a pair of chino pants with a white tee, throw a blazer on top and finish the look with a pair of brogues.

Under a Pair of Overalls

Getting ready to run some errands for the day? Throw a comfy pair of overalls over your white t-shirt for a quick, laid-back look.

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