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How to Deal with Post Wedding Depression

How to Deal with Post Wedding Depression

So you just got married, had a glamourous wedding, went on honeymoon but now you’re feeling bummed down. That my dear is what we call post-wedding depression.

In most cases, that sudden bummed-out mood can also make you feel guilty. This is because you feel like you’re an ungrateful monster for not being a hundred per cent psyched about your wonderful celebration, and—oh yeah—your new spouse.

Even though post-wedding depression is such a common issue, the good news is that you can deal with it. Here are some tips on how to deal with this issue:

Premarital counselling

Prevention is better than cure. It doesn’t matter how much a couple loves each other. Counselling is important because it is during this time that a couple will learn about the post-wedding blues and how to deal with it. By talking to premarital counsellors, you’re taking a proactive step in ensuring the future of your relationship.

Talk to your new spouse

Many people who experience post-wedding blues may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable sharing their sadness with their brand-new spouse. Probably because they may not want to worry them or offend them. But you should always take comfort in your other half and let them try to help you in dealing with it. If anyone understands these feelings (or your needs in general), it’ll be them.

Find a new goal to look forward to

Often post-wedding depression comes because the newlyweds don’t have anything exciting to look forward to. Beyond the big day, couples can set new goals or things to plan for, such as moving or buying a car. Something to continue that feeling of excitement and specialness that marks your transition into husband and wife.

Schedule your honeymoon strategically

To avoid the depression that follows after the wedding, couples can choose to wait to make the trip for their honeymoon. This usually helps because it gives newlyweds something else to look forward to and plan. It can insulate couples from crashing into the new/real world quickly.

Recognize that the wedding isn’t the same as the marriage

It’s fabulous to celebrate a wedding and to make it wonderful. But even amidst all the preparations, think about what married life will mean, what your expectations are as a couple for your lifestyles, and focus on making that shift in perspective. This will help you deal with the slump in spirits after the wedding is over and life goes back to normal.

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