Does Weight Training Make A Woman “Manly’?

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Weight training for women

As a fitness enthusiast, I have heard many myths about weight training and lifting and how it can make a woman manly. Most women feel that they would not be beautiful enough if they had bulky thighs or arms but in all honesty, weight training does not make one look ‘manly’. As a matter of fact, it is a movement that is gaining momentum and more and more women are picking up dumb bells and barbells. Heck, some are even embracing deadlifts because weight lifting is all about strengthening your core. Contrary to the belief that weight training will turn you into a she-hulk, what it does is help you tone, burn fat and shape your curves.

With strength training, you do not turn into an Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight and there are reasons why you, too, should take up weight training.

  • More calories will be burnt

Lifting weight will increase your lean body mass which in turn increases the number of calories burnt. Also, note that strength and weight training does not affect your muscle tissues. It boosts your metabolism which helps in the weight loss process. By adding more lean muscle, you will be burning calories even when just resting on the couch or typing away at work.

  • Its all about body shaping

Weight training is a grate way to shape your body the way you want it and does not bulk it. Trying to burn fat through cardio such as running, hiking or being on the elliptical bike for hours is okay but the trick lies in building muscle through weight lifting. You skin will be toned and you get those defined abs or awesome legs.

Combine squats and deadlifts for a perkier bum or shoulder presses and pushups for defined arms and back. Bench presses are not really necessary.

  • You train for the body you want

Women can use resistance training to reach certain levels of fitness goals. Remember there is also competitive weight-training that you see those ripped models take part in. So if you are simply looking to improve your overall body shape then weight training should be incorporated into your workout routine.

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