Quarantine Wedding – Why it is The Right Time to Get Hitched

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Pros of a Quarantine Wedding

Well, in as much as the pandemic has brought with it indescribable pain, it has also presented a blessing in disguise for couples that were looking to get married. We had talked about lock down love and how relationships have been affected and if you are one of those couples that were forced to live together and it has been going great thus far, then go ahead and have a quarantine wedding. We have saw far seen a number of couples getting married and it is just a testament that they are doable if you want them bad enough. Here are some reasons why I think one should have a quarantine wedding.

  • True love prevails

Not to say that wedding during other seasons are not out of love but in this case, your love has been tested and it is evident that they two of you really want to get married and have a life together. It is not about your extended family and what they want. It is just the two of you coming together to legalize and solemnize your union despite the times.

  • Budget Friendly

Well, it goes without saying that quarantine weddings are extremely affordable. With less than 50 guests, even going for the most expensive vendors would still be reasonable affordable. This will help you save up a lot of money that you can then go and use if to start your new home.

  • No inconveniencing people

You wake up one morning and you are in 150 WhatsApp groups that you are needed to fund-raise towards a couple that you know very little or nothing about. With a quarantine wedding, you do not need to inconvenience people asking them to contribute towards your wedding. With your rings and witnesses, you can officiate your wedding like the a hundred shilling wedding couple.

If you had made plans to do that grand wedding this year, you can still go ahead and do it. Remember, it is not for the people but really for the two of you. It is no secret that some weddings are a competition affair in terms of who outdoes the other so if that is your vibe, you can wait until the outside is opened to showcase your grandiose.

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