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Post Wedding Depression is a Thing

Post Wedding Depression

First comes love, then comes the wedding then comes post-wedding depression. Wait, what? I’m not saying that this is what happens to everyone out there but, for some, that is how it goes. While many newlyweds are blissed out, others are hit with the post-wedding blues, and it can be debilitating.

From the proposal to planning the wedding, the wedding itself and finally the honeymoon, this is one of the biggest highs you will probably experience. That high can be so intense that when your wedding ends, it can cause a giant and unexpected emotional crash.

Why do couples experience it?

About 12 per cent of newlywed couples experience post-wedding depression. So, it’s normal if you are feeling bummed out or even sad after the wedding is over.

For some people, they probably loved all the attention they got especially after the proposal and all the way until the wedding. Now, all of a sudden, people who were checking in on you regularly to know about the proposal or the wedding plans may not be hitting you up on the regular. This can be such a huge downer and that it causes post-wedding depression.

Others go through the what now phase. After the proposal, most brides are focus all their energy and time into planning the wedding. They dedicate months into visiting wedding venues, shopping for wedding gowns and shoes, checking out wedding decor and all the planning that comes with having the wedding. Once the wedding is done, depression hits. Many find themselves thinking, ‘What am I working towards now?

Oftentimes couples and even individuals use wedding planning as an excuse to put off other things that might be anxiety-provoking, like going back to school or getting a new job, and when the wedding is over, they’re then faced with those things, and that can contribute to a sense of disappointment or stress.

The financial burden that comes after the wedding can also be a trigger for post-wedding depression. For brides and grooms who pay for the wedding themselves using loans, now the fun is over, and they just have the bill.

How can you tell if you’ve got post wedding depression?

Boredom, sadness, lethargy, loneliness and isolation are just a few of the complex reactions someone with the post-wedding blues might have.

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