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Saturday Outfit Ideas

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As far as I am concerned, weekend and especially Saturday outfits need to be as simple as well as easy to put together as possible. For busy weekends, you want to spend your time enjoying the activities as opposed to thinking about outfit changes. The key to nailing the perfect Saturday outfit is comfort whether you will be in Top Shop jeans or a Pretty Little Dress. Here are Saturday outfit ideas to make your weekends both stylish and practical.

  • Sweater Dress + Converse

This is almost becoming my Saturday signature look. It is a stylish look, well put together and very simple. It is also very comfortable. I can add on a fitted leather jacket or denim jacket when it is feeling a little bit chilly.

  • Hoodie + Midi Skirt

This is a comfortable mix of comfortable and smart. Get a cosy hoodie or chunky sweater and a sweeping checked midi skirt. You can complete the look with heeled tan boots or swap with trainers.

  • Crop Top + High-Waisted Pants

If you do not mind showing off your shoulders and a bit of arms, then off shoulder crop tops should be a staple Saturday Outfit for you. Pairing the same with high waisted linen pants will complete the look without necessarily showing your stomach skin. For footwear, you can do sandals or flat doll shoes.

  • Jeans + Tee

This is most likely everyone’s go-to. Get a well fitted blue or black jeans. Baggy mom jeans would also do. There are many ways to pair jeans. You can do denim or denim, with sweater tops, sheer tops, crop tops or with a silk top and blazer.

Whatever you decide to rock on a weekend, ensure it is comfortable and practical. Maintain style and shine through them. What are your go-to Saturday outfit ideas?

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