Why A Man Just Wont Commit

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Reasons why a man wont commit

What have relationships become these days? Are there men that still want to settle? Women ask. The men on the other hand ask, are there women who are good enough to settle with? We both know there are still good single people out there whose lack of luck with love has turned them into humans not be ready to give love a shot. There are many reasons why a man wont commit. Some reasons are because they still want to be single men playing around while some are because the women in their lives have not given them a reason to.

Are you a woman that has experienced the following?

  • Dating and falling for men who never seem to be emotionally available
  • Attracted to a certain type of man, often an alpha male, but you just cannot seem to find any certain answer about where you stand with him?
  • Always fighting to be a priority and even going out of your way to schedule yourself into his schedule.
  • You think or assume that he is scared to commit even after months of dating.
  • When he makes plans, does he make them with you or does the future always seem ambiguous and blurry?
  • If you are constantly hoping that he changes and realizes what he has with you, chances are, he might never see that.
  • Have you noticed that the men are always the first to break up with you?
  • Or have you been in situations where everything seems to be going really well and then at a certain point, he just pulls back?

If you check most of these scenarios, then you must be sick of never feeling valued and always wondering if you will ever get a man that will love you enough to ask you to marry him.

These days, you might have realized that it is the women doing the chasing which often does not sit right with the men. There is nothing wring with a woman shooting her shot but doing the chasing, that is a whole other ball game.

There are a myriad of reasons why a man just wont commit and they range from personal to general.

  1. Timimg

Maybe the timing for the relationship just isn’t great. He might have just started this new job or moved to a new town or just getting started with his master’s degree and does not feel like committing to you would be the best thing to do. From a woman’s perpective, you do not see anything wrong with that but from a man, it is not just the right time to commit.

2. Past experiences

Well, most of these men that you are dating have been there, done that. They have been with people that they felt were pressurizing them to settle. Worse still, they have made the decision to settle then realized that the woman was not who they thought they are. They are skeptical. They are scared. They have been through awful experiences in the past that are just shunning them away from committing to you.

3. Physical technicality

Let’s be real here; have you ever been with someone that was so perfect, except that one thing that just made your skin curl? You know how he does not shave his armpits or the way he chews makes you want to hit him? Yeah, men have that too. He knows that you gel in all other ways except for the fact that you laugh like that girl he hated from high school or he just can’t get past that large black spot on your face. We are all human and men too, see these things and that could be the reason why he just wont commit.


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