Ways to Wear Sheer Clothes Without Feeling Overexposed

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Sheer clothes are not for the shy and light-hearted. It takes guts to wear sheer clothes and rock them like a fashion trendsetter. The sheer style dressing has been in style for decades. And even though we’ve seen celebrities such as Rihanna and Kylie Jenner rock this look on the red carpet, the look remains a daunting one to try in real life.

No matter how popular the see-through trend has become, it still feels risky to go out in public with your undergarments (if even that) entirely exposed. However, it’s very possible to wear sheer clothes without anxiety. It’s just a matter of finding that delicate balance between chic, fashion-forward elements and elegance.

Sheer tops

Sheer tops are the most common pieces and can be found in all sizes and types. The key is to pair them up with something that makes them less provocative.

The first tip to wearing sheer tops is making sure you have the right undergarments, that is the right bra. A bralette is the perfect accessory to layer under a see-through top because not only does it look great under the blouse, but also when worn alone.

The second tip is pairing your see-through tops with high-waisted bottoms. This comes in handy especially if you don’t want your stomach to show in a sheer blouse. High-waisted jeans or skirts hide your belly button and show off the flattering midriff part of your body. Plus something that is high waisted gives you a bit more support in the stomach area.

Third, for a more covered look, you can wear a blazer or a jacket over a sheer blouse. This works well when you’re concerned about having more coverage in a sheer blouse. You can still show a touch of skin without exposing too much.

Sheer dresses

These can be hard to pull off but with a few tricks, you can rock these dresses out in the open with so much confidence.

A completely sheer dress can be paired with some lightweight pants and a bodysuit for a conservative look. This look will come in handy when the weather is not too hot but also not too cold and you still want to be fashionable.

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If the sheer dress is too daring for you to wear on a normal day, you can wear it to the beach over your swimwear for a classic yet elegant look.

The third way to style a sheer dress is to pair it with some thigh-high boots. I’m not going to stop saying it. Thigh-high boots are a must-have for every woman! These boots offer extra cover if your top is exposed by the sheer dress. You can wear high waisted leggings and a bralette with the boots under the dress for a chic and trendy look.

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