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Activities To Help Children Wind Down

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Find creative ways to wind down

I know you must have heard about the 3Bs: Bath, Book and Bed. It is a simple and great routine but works because children thrive in consistency. This simple routine is also great because it gives your child cues that it is almost bedtime. Remember the Biology class on behavioural conditioning where there was a dog, food and a bell and with time when the dog heard a bell it would know that it is mealtime? This is the same kind of conditioning that comes with having a consistent routine. Sometimes, however, the kids are grown and the 3Bs need a little boost. So here are activities to help children wind down at the end of the day.

If you are a busy person like me with crazy schedules, the you cannot wait for the end of the day where you get to spend time with your children, bond a little while and have a chill time with the family, then these activities would be great before bedtime.

  • Painting and Colouring

Ask your children to draw something they did during the day, something unique they saw or just their favourite toy. You can also get kids and adult colouring books and make it an activity for the entire family. This is a great way to develop communication and help the children with their vocabulary.

If they draw the family, ask them whether mum is tall or short, what are the colour of dad’s pants?

  • Do Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way of winding down and they help in communication, fine motor and helps in memory development. You can also also make your own puzzles at home. Just get creative.

  • Story Time

Read books together, read out to the children, be creative and even formulate your own tales. Tell them about your childhood, those fables we were narrated to as we grew up. Make it fun and memorable.

  • Play with Putty

This is a great way of sensory development. Putty can also be made at home. Try different colours and textures.

  • Stretching and Yoga

Both yoga and stretching will help you and your child relax. Incorporate soft relaxing music into your stretching and yoga routines. Yoga will help your children cool down after an eventful week as you know how playful they can get.

Whatever is it, find creative ways and activities to help children wind down and bond as a family.

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