10 Things To Talk About For A Healthy Relationship

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Healthy relationships do not just happen; they are built

For any relationship to thrive, communication has to be at the center of it. Constant communication helps you to know your spouse better and even learn ways through which you can be of help to each other. As tough as it may seem to introduce some topics, here are 10 things to talk about for a healthy relationship.

  • Your Daily Activities

Stay away from the “I am good and you?” type of communication especially when you want to know how your partner’s day went. Ask pointed questions like: “How was work today?” or “Can you tell me about one thing that stood out for you today?”. Use this as a starting point to delve into how both your days went. Do not be the partner that does not know their partner got a promotion or even a transfer weeks or months later. If you are like me, then you will want a load down of how one’s day went from the time they left the house to when they came back. Details. Details.

  • Money

As tough, tricky and slippery as it might at times be, it is important to talk with your partner about money matters. It may be uncomfortable as you start out because at times, the last thing you want to do is to disclose your net salary or worse still net worth to someone you just met. In many relationships, money is a deal-breaker. Do not let it be in yours.

  • Individual Goals

Talk about your own personal goals in terms of your careers, education and what you want to achieve in life generally as a person. Talk about where you see yourself in a few years as well as your short and long term goals. This will help know if you want to be with this person and if you do, how are you going to support them achieve their individual goals.

  • Emotional Growth

Have you felt you have matured a great deal in the past few years? Do you feel like your reaction to anger has improved? Are you more emotionally intelligent and also aware? Share the same with your partner and get to celebrate those small wins. Do you feel you need to work on your emotional growth? Talk it out.

  • Spiritual Beliefs

This is another sensitive topic but it is a great conversation starter. Be willing to listen to your partner’s beliefs, get to know what they think and if you have conflicting beliefs, do not be fast to judge. Talk about your similarities and differences and come to a consensus.

  • Politics

This might be another topic that may not be very comfortable especially when you do not see eye to eye on political affiliations. You can talk about the political climate, where things are going and what you feel could be done better.

  • Your Goals as a couple

After you have talked about personal goals, you can talk about what you hope to achieve as a couple. Such things as discussions on how to save money to purchase a new car or build a home or even volunteering at a non-profit can help you stay close as a couple.

  • Your Values

Talk about your priorities in life in terms of work, family, education, friends and leisure time. Let your partner in on what you value most as well as the changes you are willing to make to ensure that you are living according to your values.

  • Family

They say family is not just important, it is everything. Talk about your respective relationships with your families be it good or bad. Share your sorrows and joys as a couple. Talk about your childhood and what you would like to replicate or do away with then it comes to raising your own family.

  • Feelings

Talking about your feelings as a an individual is an important communication aspect for couples. Share what brings you joy or sorrow as well as what makes you feel angry, disappointed, embarrassed or hurt.

All relationships have ups and downs and it is upon you to know how to communicate well in efforts to level those challenges. The first step is knowing what to talk about for a healthy relationship.


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