How To Wear a Belt: Tips and Tricks To Get The Most Out Of This Accessory

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In my opinion, belts are the most underrated pieces of accessories. They come last or as an afterthought when putting on an outfit. However, I have come to realize just how important belts. They have the ability to turn a boring outfit into a classic and fun one. But, this only happens when you wear and style belts the right way.

These days, a lot of women wear belts for one major reason. To accentuate that waist! With so many options available on how to wear belts with your outfits, the most important advice comes down to what’s most flattering on you.

With jeans/pants

Without a belt, some pants can look as if they are missing a vital element. Wearing a belt can make your outfit look instantly smarter.

If your pants rest on your hips and they don’t have belt loops, don’t wear a belt. It’s going to slip and you’ll spend the whole day trying unsuccessfully to keep it centered on your waistband.

Over a Blazer

This is a very on-trend way to wear your belt right now. This belt-blazer combo is especially perfect if you have an over sized blazer which needs definition. However, even with a normal blazer, a belt adds do much style to your outfit.

Over a Long top

If you are wearing a long top over your pants, you can add some definition to your look by wearing a belt over it.

To Cinch in Your Dress

Belts can and should be used to add a little extra shape and visual interest to dresses, but you need to be careful if you’re trying to create shape where there is none.

To Cinch Your Jumpsuit

If you have a jumpsuit which doesn’t fit at the waist in a flattering way, before you consign it, try adding a belt.

With a skirt

Skirts look absolutely amazing when paired with belts. This combination looks best especially if the skirt is high waist instead of low waist.

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