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Tips When Traveling With Kids

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Traveling tips with kids

I was bitten by the travel bug a long time ago and ever since then, I have never settled. I have always been on the lookout for the next best destination. Things were a lot easier when I was a single girl and on most occasions, I would just wake up and go – impromptu. That was me. Well, when I transitioned to a step mother, things had to be more structured and then when I had Shawn, it was a whole other ballgame because traveling with an infant or a toddler requires a lot of time. Over time, I have learnt what works and what does not and here are tips and hacks that have worked when traveling with kids.

  • Just Do It!

As dreadful as it may sound to travel to travel with kids, just go ahead and do it. Do not be fearful. It will come to an end anyways so better get done with it and book that trip. You have postponed it enough. Worried that you will receive awkward looks on the plane because of wailing kids? Let that not worry you. You will survive.

  • Relax and Take it slow

When traveling with kids, it is not time to be panicking. Relax. Plan your time well and let everyone else around you be rushing. The last thing you want is being on the rush with luggage and kids in tow.

  • Do not overpack

As a mother, I know this is a little bit tempting because you feel like if you leave out something, then you might need it. I have been a victim of feeling the need to pack everything in my son’s closet to a two day vacation. To help you curb overpacking, remind yourself that almost everything can be bought abroad and that even if it may not be your regular brand, you will still get a substitute for it.

  • Book wisely

You are traveling with kids; you cannot just wing it like backpackers. You have to know beforehand if you will be staying at a hotel or a vacation rental. Also, how accessible is you room? On steep slopes? It might have been fun when it was just you and your spouse or with the girl squad but how will things be when pushing a stroller with a baby in it and three more kids in tow?

  • If you must, brand them and track them

When going to the mall for instance in a foreign place, make sure your children have bands on which their names, your name and phone number are written on. In the event that they get lost, they can be easily found. You can also invest in a GPS tracking device that can be attached to their wrists or backpacks and you can track them on your phone.

A lot goes into planning for and traveling with kids. It is not as hard and it may sound. All it need is lots and lots of research. When you have already decided on your travel destination – whether local or abroad – go for it. It is just a matter of time and soon enough, your kids will be grown, traveling on their own.

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