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Style Tips For Slim Guys

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Style tips for slim guys

Are you a skinny man and you want to dress to look bluff? Well, the first advice you would get is to hit the gym and build some muscle but just like losing weight, gaining some mass can also take time. In the meantime, there are style tips for slim guys that they can tap into to make them look not so skinny.

  • Avoid clothes that make you look frail

You are slim already, do not go for clothes that make you look skinnier. The first step to creating a stronger impression of yourself is to ditch those clothes that make you look weaker, physically. These clothes are those that are over-sized and billowing. I see a lot of skinny guys doing this, thinking they would make them look bulkier but the opposite is what happens. By wearing clothes that are over sized, they make one look like a skeletal scarecrow. On the flip-side, avoid clothes that are to tight as they will accentuate your slim silhouette hence the need to find clothes that fit just well.

Pay special attention to your shoulders and sleeves. Make sure the shoulder seam sits that the edge of your shoulder. When they are past the edge, they give you and slumpy look and when they are not enough, it feels like you do not have big enough arms to fill your sleeves.

Avoid wearing large and oversized accessories like bulky watches and wide ties.

  • Wear one item that makes you look stronger

Remember the bluff look that you are going for, one item in your wardrobe can do the trick. Something like a suit jacket, sports coat or blazer that has been tailor-made for your slim silhouette may be all you need.

Such jackets have been made to accentuate the male form instantly making you look stronger. The reason is because they widen your frame on your shoulders. Broader shoulders are a sign of masculinity.

Ensure the padding on your jacket is not too over the top. Go for what is subtle and more natural looking.

  • Layer up wisely

Wearing multiple layers gives you breath making you look bulkier. Each layer on its own would not add much but together they make a difference.

You, however, do not want to throw on three bulky sweaters and end up looking like the Michelin Man. The tip is to layer your clothes from thin to thick and from light to sturdy. Start with the lightest fabric to the heaviest.

All the clothes you layer should also be coordinated colour-wise and that they should be complementary. A lot of guys find it hard to coordinate their colours. The bottom line is to keep it simple and know what colours work well for you.

  • Beef up your neck

When skinny think about looking bulkier, they forget about their necks. They only consider their chests, shoulders and arms. Aristotle mentioned that a sturdy neck is a sign of strength and courage. A thin neck on the other hand, is a sign on weakness and cowardice.

For most skinny guys, their necks are longer and thinner and for this reason, here are ways in which one can make them look shorter and stronger:

  • Zip necks
  • Stand-up collars
  • Shawl collars
  • Funnel necks

Anything with a sturdy neck works well.

  • Go for colours that boost visual heft

As you might have noticed, most of the above style tips for slim guys are for when the temperatures are low. When it is warmer outside, wear warmer colours like white, beige and pastels.

Have you noticed that walls painted white look larger than those painted in darker colours, use the same illusion.

Light colours are also great at showing any little muscle you might have gained as compared to darker ones that mask them, making you look smaller.

Shirts with patterns can also help you look heftier. Invest in those as well.

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