Getting Back With an Ex? Not a Good Idea

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Moving on can seem easier said than done. This is why many of us end up getting back with our exes. We get so caught up in the good memories and completely forget about why we broke up the first time. Other times, we are just too lazy or too afraid to go out and meet new people.

Whether or not you should take your ex back is a very personal decision. It is, after all, your life and you will have to live with the relationship if you get back with your ex.

Even so, here are some reasons why getting back with an ex is a bad idea:

You broke up for a reason

Before getting back with an ex, ask yourself why you broke up in the first place. Did he cheat on you? Was he abusive?

If these are things that you are willing to go through again in a relationship, then go ahead. But if you can’t bear going through them again, it’s best to walk away.

Time makes us forget all the bad and only remember the good–but you did break up with your ex for a reason. Consider those reasons before crawling back.

It may turn into a toxic relationship

The cycle of being in an off-and-on relationship with someone can get toxic very fast. Your ex may get used to the idea of appearing and disappearing in your life once you show them that they have an easy way back into your life.

They realize that they have a certain power over you and can use this against you to manipulate your feelings.

You both have baggage

When the thought of getting back with our ex crosses our minds, it’s usually because we reminisce on the good times and ignore the bad moments.

As soon as you get back together, all the reasons why it didn’t work out start to crop up. And even if it doesn’t come back at once, it comes in very big waves. The fights start up again and a few long months later, you’re back where you started: broken.

There is no trust

Do you want to be in a relationship where the trust is lacking and you’re never 100 percent sure that your partner won’t turn and run from you? I don’t think so.

Once trust is shattered, it becomes very hard to build it up again. You will constantly have trust issues with your partner and the relationship will end as quickly as it started.

You might be choosing companionship over happiness

If you are only getting back with your ex because you are feeling lonely, don’t do it! Most times, we don’t even realize that we are choosing companionship over happiness.

Your ex probably didn’t even make you happy. The only thing they did is that they made you feel less lonely. You could be denying yourself happiness and meeting the person you don’t want to break up with or who wouldn’t want to break up with you.

The relationship felt like work

Have you been in a situation where you feel like you are giving too much and it never seems to be enough? If that is how you felt with your ex and are thinking of going back, it’s not a good idea.

Once you get back together, this cycle will most definitely repeat itself and cause you a lot of unhappiness. Sometimes this means that the relationship has run its course and you need not resuscitate something that serves you better when it is dead.

You are probably wasting time

Going back to your ex, especially when you’re in an on and off situation will end up wasting a lot of your time. The time that could have been used in meeting new people and moving on with your life. This is because most people who end up going back to their exes break up again due to trust issues and unhappiness.

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