Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Home

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For as long as I can remember, Saturday was always dubbed the thorough cleaning day in our home and that stayed with me into my adulthood. It was always those days that we could be on our fours cleaning under the seats or even at the river laundering blankets and the whole week’s school uniforms. It was the day that all curtains would be brought down, washed and then put back up. I am a firm believer that even the cleanest of homes need a proper deep clean once in a while. Here are my deep cleaning tips that you too can use for your home to achieve that sparkling freshness.

  • Start with decluttering

You know those clothes that you have not worn for over six months? They need to go. How about the kitchen utensils that you’ve had since you were in campus and have never used them again? They need to go too. We also know there might be those shoes that your children have clearly outgrown or yours that are not your style anymore. Declutter them all – trash what needs to and donate or pass down what needs to.

  • Start with high surfaces

Start high then go low. When deep cleaning your home, start with high surfaces such as above the curtain box, your bulbs, chandeliers and the walls. Ensure that your walls are glossy and washable (oil-based paint).

  • Deep clean windows

This is one of the most neglected areas when cleaning our homes especially when residing in rental apartments. Wipe or vacuum the sills and tracks. Use a glass cleaner to spritz on your windows then wipe them down for that shine. Also, clean on both the inside and outside of the windows to see the streaks.

  • Remove dust from surfaces

Dust of your TV, stereo sets, fridge, microwave, furniture and any other surfaces. Go into your cabinets, rewash the utensils and dust off the cabinets.

  • Deep clean floors

To do this right, remove all the furniture including the sofas and beds. You can use furniture slides under the legs of big furniture to make them move easily. If you have one, use the vacuum cleaner to get into all the nooks and crannies. Take your carpet to a professional cleaner is you need to.

Deep cleaning does not have to be hard. It takes strategy and if you have these tips on your fingertips, your home will be sparkling at all times.

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