Pads vs. Tampons: Which is Better For My Flow?

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Pads vs Tampons: Which is better?

I have previously talked about everything you need to know about pads and tampons and today, I would like to compare the two and help you decide which one is the best for your flow. The bottom line will remain to be that it all depends with personal preferences – some people like tampons while some swear by pads. Others had never used the other and once they tried it, they were hooked and wondered why it took them that long to be converted. So pads vs tampons: which is better for my flow?


A pad is external and all you need to do is place it on your pant/underwear and you are good to go. A tampon on the other hand is internal and it has to be inserted.

Usage and comfort

Some women prefer pads because they can feel them and it assures them of protection while some feel like they are wearing a diaper. As for tampons, one has to be very comfortable with inserting and removing the tampon from your vagina.

Active Lifestyle

A pad can be worn when doing any physical activity except for swimming. A tampon on the other hand can be used when doing any activity or exercise. It is invisible and if you feel like swimming on your period, no problem. A tampon does the trick.

Light to Heavy Flow

Pads come in different sizes for your unique shape and flow. Pick the right size and underwear. Tampons come in five different sizes for maximum protection on your heavy days and comfort on your lightest. You can pick the different sizes depending on your flow.

When to change

Pads are easy to know when to change as you can see that the pad is full. As for tampons that are internal, it takes good practice to know your flow. If you experience leaks, go a size higher and if it is uncomfortable to change, go a size smaller. Tampons should be changed in 4-6 hours and not for more than 8 hours.

Night Use

There are pads designed for night use. Just ensure you have the right underwear so that it stays in place. Tampons are designed to be used used for up to 8 hours and cannot move no matter how much you toss and turn.

So pads vs tampons: which one is better for your flow?

N.B: You cannot use a tampon and a pad at the same time even if you wanted to. When deciding between a pad and a tampon, capitalize on comfort and what generally makes you feel more protected.

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