How to Wear Brogues

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How to Wear Brogues
How to Style Brogues

Brogues are the in thing right now! Every shop is selling them and every woman is wearing them! One problem though. Most women don’t know how to style brogues.

Traditionally, this footwear was considered to be men’s. But, we all know how fashion works. Things change. Women are embracing masculine wear more and more. It’s no wonder why we see women wearing men’s footwear. 

If you love the thought of wearing brogues read on to see my favourite tips and tricks on how to wear these shoes in your everyday life.


For a casual and easy look, pair your brogues with jeans. They will go with basically every pair of jeans (even the coloured ones). Skinny, boot cut and baggy.

Complete this look with a blazer or a bomber jacket with a shirt inside.

Dresses and Skirts

Unlike what most people believe, brogues are not just reserved for masculine-inspired style.

They also look amazing with girly outfits – adding that perfect blend of dapper to any dress or skirt.

They go well with any type of dress and skirt, from maxi, midi and minis. You can’t go wrong with this combination!

Chino Pants

Brogues match well with chino pants for an excellent smart casual appearance that can be worn to the office.

To nail the combination, stick to classic colours for the chinos like black, brown, blue even burgundy. Choose good colours for your shoes too, like black, navy blue and brown. Then, complete your look with a simple shirt and a blazer.

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