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Why It Is Time To Ditch The Dera

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Is it time to ditch the dera?

After a hot and hard day at work, running errands or running after the kids, the first thing almost every woman wants to do is throw off the wig and unclasp the bra to free the girls. On some hot days, I remove my wig on my way home because by that time, I have had enough. Once home, all the tight clothing will be off, I freshen up and all my eyes can see is frumpy clothing that have no life whatsoever. I have realized that when I come home and jump into these baggy lifeless clothes, they make me lazier and I feel more tired. I have no motivation to do anything in most cases and here is a solid reason why it is time to ditch the dera.

Deras are awesome, do not get me wrong. I love them but her, let’s be honest with each other here, after a long day of work, would you even lift a finger if you lounged in deras? I highly doubt that. For this reason, therefore, I have made an effort to find other comfortable lounge wear that are stylish that help me stay motivated and energized to finish my day on a high note.

What to Ditch

  • Deras
  • Infamous baggy t-shirt and tights
  • Baggy onesies
  • Robes

The above outfits do not add zest to life at the end of the day. They do not motivate you to get a book or respond to some emails or do anything productive. They make you want to be a couch potato, eat pizza and binge on the latest show on Netflix.

Onesies are especially hot and uncomfortable. I know they were a thing at some point and people would have pajama parties and sleep overs in them but they are the least bit flattering and I think it is time to ditch them.

At one point, the signature cotton nightdress and an over sized robe were my signature lounge wear. I thought I looked cool but looking back, I now see how frumpy they made me look and I decided to change that.

Lounge wear to embrace

We are all about upgrading. We want to look better, feel better and have a productive end to our days.

  • Cotton pant suit

This pair is comfortable, decent and lifts up your spirits. You can wear it while cleaning, cooking or chilling with the family without feeling exposed or too hot.

  • Pant and top set

This pair is not 100% cotton but I love how it feels. It is also decent and flattering and I would definitely wear it in the evening while cooking, finishing up on client emails or watching TV.

  • White long silk nightie

I would have definitely preferred it in black because as you know black is one of my favourite colours but this one in white still works. Silk is cool and so it helps regulate my body temperature. It is also long enough so I am well covered up and decent. This lounge wear is also flattering to my silhouette and it does not make me look frumpy.

  • Long lacy nightie with cover up

This is my favourtite lounge wear alternative. It is flattering, feminine and very comfortable.

All my four alternatives were from Women’s Secrets, a lingerie store located in West Gate Mall 2nd Floor. It is a Spanish store with world class quality items that are very affordable. Go check them out today.

Are you with me on ditching the dera and going for more stylish lounge and nightwear?

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