The Dos and Don’ts Of Online Dating

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Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating

The world has truly become a global village. The internet has allowed for people from all corners of the world to be in spontaneous communication and this gave birth to the world of online dating. Moved to a new place and you want to meet new people, social media and more so online dating sites are your go-to place. This allows you to customize the requirements of the people you want to meet in regard to their gender, occupation and location. This narrows down the people from the pool and helps you get people that you are most likely to have things in common and increase the chances of clicking together. Below, therefore, are the dos and don’ts of online dating.

If you are new to the online dating scene, do not be intimidated or overwhelmed. Here is a little friendly advice. Do not let the few negative stories turn you away. Online dating could be where you meet the love of your life or a lifetime acquaintance.

  • Profile Honesty

DO – Represent yourself as real as you are. Use a recent photo and a correct description of yourself, who you are and what you are looking for. This will help prospective partners have an idea of you and know what to expect.

DONT expect everyone to be honest about themselves. You will meet a number of catfishes who will use photos of other people and lie about what they do. Understanding this will help you keep an open mind. The interwebs can be murky just like the waters that catfishes live in.

  • Learn the language

DO – When it comes to online dating, people tend to embellish their achievements and highlight their strong points. Do the same. Give a true and good representation of yourself to help your potential dates get to know you better. Be on the look out for vague language that feel untrue because in most cases, they are not true.

DON’T – Be careful not to fall for corny people that they say they want to spoil you with romantic getaways and candle-lit dinners. I know they sound sweet to the ear but who in their right mind does all those things to someone they have never met?

Be on high alert for profiles that sound too good to be true. In most cases, they aren’t. Not to say that you should pass over any profile that seems perfect but just keep your guard up and know that not everyone on a dating site is there with good intentions.

  • Look beyond the pictures

DO look out for an interesting profile with personality traits that you would like. Connect with this person on a deeper level other than physical appearance. Not to say that you should disregard this aspect; of course not. Date someone that you are physically attracted to.

  • Graduate to phone conversations

Once you have connected on the site, it is time to talk on phone. You can do texts and phone calls. Get to know this person past the online persona. Request for video calls and ensure that it is the same person on the pictures. Anyone that brings up excuses as to why you cannot video call is most likely a catfish – Run!

  • Take it slow

Is your online date requesting to meet you almost immediately, a genuine person would not be in such a hurry. They would want to get to know you first and then decide whether or not they want to meet you. It should be mutual. Beware of those that are rushing the process.

  • Prioritize your safety

Do not disclose personal information such as your home address, where you work, full name or bank details.

When meeting, ensure it is a public place like a park or restaurant where there are other people. DO NOT go to stranger’s homes.

Prioritize safety in online dating
  • Stay focused

If you see potential in a person, do not let all the other profiles and people you are talking to on the site cloud your judgement or take away the attention you would have given the one that was more promises.

Online dating does not have to be hard. All you need to know is that not everyone is on the site with the same intentions as you. Realizing this will help you keep your expectations low. Go with the flow and have fun while at it. Remember, we will never learn if we do not try but remember to adhere to the dos and don’ts of online dating.

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