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How To Choose The Right Shoes For You

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How to choose the right shoes for you

The right footwear is important in bringing together your whole look. I recently asked people on my Instagram stories what they saw first in a person on a date and most of the responses were shoes. Then I asked why and it was agreed upon that a person who has invested in good shoes looks more put together and that this shows they care about their image. Today, I’d like to touch on how to choose the right shoes for you and tips that have worked for me as someone with larger feet.

It is a fact that shoes affect your whole body and not jut your feet. Shoes will affect your posture and walking style and thus the need to choose shoes that flatter your outlook as opposed to taking away from your ensemble.

Here are things to look out for when choosing the right pair of shoes:

  • Stiff back

The shoe should be able to move from side to side around the heel

  • Shoes with torque

To test this, hold the shoes on both ends and twist it slightly. The shoe should be able to twist with ease.

  • Bended toes

When choosing the right pair of shoes, ensure that they are not stiff on the toes so that it does not feel like you are wearing a cast iron. Remember how our parents would make us fit shoes then press on the toes? That was to look out for fit as well as comfort on the toes.

  • Do they provide arch support?

Go for shoes that are comfortable on the heel. If you like the shoe but feel the inner sole is not as comfortable, get smiley feet from shoe shops such as Bata.

  • Comfort to the toes

Can your toes move a bit when in the shoes? Ensure there is a little room for that. You do not want to get tight shoes that cause blackening of the toes or nails. With time, such shoes cause the nails to come off.

  • Instant comfort

There are shoes that feel comfortable right away and you know it is the one. Choose such shoes.

Get comfortable shoes

When is the right time to replace shoes?

You will know when it is time to get a new shoe. Often, one side of the heel is angled due to wear and tear. High heeled shoes in particular show this and at this point the posture and walking style is greatly negatively affected.

As for sunning or exercising shoes, it loses its shock absorption capacity and can start causing pain even before they look worn. For this reason, therefore, it is advisable to change them after around 400 miles or 650 kilometers.

After using your running shoes for a year, you may start experiencing pain due to the worn out sole. You can use them when walking at this point.

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