Dress Smarter: Ways Men Can Wear a Cardigan

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Ways Men Can Wear a Cardigan
Ways Men Can Wear a Cardigan

Choosing the right clothing items for the chilly weather is important, even for men. The cardigan sweater is the perfect fashion item for men to rock during this season due to its versatility and ability to suit a wide variety of looks.

Whether you’re going for an elegant and formal outfit, a cool and casual style or even something office-appropriate, a cardigan can make an excellent option.

All you need to know is how to pair it with other items in your wardrobe so that you don’t end up looking like a grandpa.

So, for all the men out there looking to don a cardigan sweater, here are a few tips on how to rock it:

For the office

The cardigan sweater is a must have for guys in the corporate world especially during the cold season.

Instead of the traditional suit blazer, wear a cardigan paired with an official shirt, some trousers or chinos, and a tie for a smart, yet relaxed appearance.

To top up the look, go for the traditional laceup shoes for the complete office look.

Additionally, the cardigan can make a surprisingly good suit companion. All you need is swap out the vest or waistcoat in your three-piece suit for a fitted button-up cardigan. This look is more appropriate if you are a bit higher the corporate ladder like a manager or a CEO.

These two looks, when worn to the office are stylish, cosy and professional!

Casual Wear

For a more relaxed look on the weekends, try layering a cardigan with a T-shirt, jeans or chinos, and sneakers.

Since the look is casual, men can choose to leave the cardigan completely unbuttoned or button only a few of them.

Extra tips for wearing a cardigan

For men, fitted styles of cardigans look best for a smart or official appearance. Loose designs, on the other hand, work best for a relaxed appearance.

Select either a longline shape, shawl collar, button-up or chunky knit cardigan to best suit your style.

Instead of hanging your cardigans with hangers in the wardrobe, fold them. This is because hangers cause the knitted material in cardigans to stretch, particularly at the shoulders.

Just like a suit, a cardigan looks infinitely cooler when you leave a button undone at the bottom. If you’re feeling bold leave a couple undone. Whatever you do, avoid buttoning only the middle button. It’s the quickest way to add unnecessary pounds to your frame.

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