How To Look Professional and Edgy

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Professional and edgy look

Most women struggle with finding a style that is both professional and edgy. Everyone wants to look stylish even in work clothes and striking this balance is at times a long shot. I know most women have compartmentalized their wardrobes into “Work wear” and casual wear. The corporate edgy look comes in where corporate meets casual in a subtle way. Here is how to look professional and edgy.

Professional wear does not have to be boring. Pulling off a stylish look to work requires your creative side to shine – break out those basics and staples and adding a few edgy pieces to spruce up the look.

  • Invest in the basics

Invest in some good classic and timeless colours. Splurge on these pieces as they are staple and will last you a long time.

Must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe

  • Well tailored trousers
  • Elegant blazer
  • Classic pant suits
  • Button up shirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Midi skirts
  • A little black dress

All these are foundational pieces that can be easily mixed and matched with more casual pieces for a more laid back, modern and sophisticated look.

  • Mix Up Casual Classics

Since we are talking about how to look professional and edgy, this is not the jeans and t-shirt ensemble. Think along the lines of a simple, relaxed and comfortable linen button-down shirt that has been tucked into a black or navy blue skinny jeans. Complete the look with classy accessories.

A black jumpsuit and white top or a pleated skirt together with a casual boxy top will also make you look professional and edgy.

  • Add a splash of colour

Just because you want to look professional does not mean you should shy away from colour. The first tip is to go for coloured accessories to add edge to your professional look. The rule of thumb with colour is to enhance the look as opposed to creating confusion.

A fun floral dress for instance can be toned down with a solid colour blazer while men’s style inspired preppy wear can be balanced with dangling earrings or a handbag.

  • Go monochrome

Monochrome is a style that has continued to be featured on runways and street style. It is also easy to mix and match monochrome pieces for that edgy professional look.

A black well-tailored pants, white button-down shirt and black heels are an example of a monochromatic look. Play around with monochromes and patterns such as polka dots. Colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel can also create a great edgy and professional look.

  • Layer up

Texturize your outfit to make it more interesting, professional and edgy. Be sure to layer light pieces to avoid looking bulky and draped. Look out for colours that compliment each other.

Always remember that your work clothes do not have to be boring. Add flavour using the above tips and tricks and learn how to look professional and edgy.

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