Toxic Work Environments

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Toxic Work Environments
Toxic Work Environments

We all somehow dislike going to work. But if you are in a situation where you find yourself having constant anxiety related to work, then you are probably in a toxic work environment.

All types of workplaces generally come with stress and challenges once in a while. However, in toxic work environments, you have bad days and challenges on repeat, without catching a break.

Here are some general signs to find out if you are in a toxic work environment:

Cliques/Gossipy Behaviour

This is the ultimate sign that you are in a toxic work place.

You find that there are cliques or groups of workmates who stick together, laugh at inside jokes and generally excludes anyone outside of their tight-knit ring.

These cliques can be toxic because you will find that they protect each other at any costs and will throw you under the bus if it means saving one of their own.

Poor Communication

If there are so many communication barriers at your place of work, you are most likely in a toxic work environment.

You find yourself working without the necessary information to do your job, and when you ask, you get vague instructions.

Moreover, you find that different employees are receiving different messages and a lot of passive-aggressive communication

Poor Leadership

“You don’t have a bad job, you have a bad boss.”

Do you have a boss who is narcissistic? Is he abusive? He/she doesn’t listen to anyone and thinks that is their way or the highroad? That’s a red flag.

This types of bosses can make your career life a living hell and drive you to depression real life

You aren’t paid on time

You know how you work your ass off, bring in money for the company but still don’t get paid on time? That’s a toxic work environment.

If you find that you have to keep reminding your boss to pay your salary, just know that you aren’t appreciated.

Rapid employee turnover

Are people constantly quitting their jobs at your workplace? This likely means that it is not a conducive place to work in.

Additionally, if you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells because the company keeps firing people for the smallest mistakes, take that as a sign of toxicity.

No work-life balance

I don’t care how much you earn. It could be a million or more, but if you don’t have a life outside work, that’s a sign of toxicity.

If your job requires that you be on-call at all times, it’s toxic. Yes, at times things come up at inopportune hours. However, if you are working under the expectation that you are always to be available for work, your job is toxic garbage. 

So, how do you handle a toxic workplace?

Find a support system at/outside work

If you decide to look for help over the toxic nature of your job, you could find people who feel the same at your workplace.

The hope is that you’ll watch each other’s back and encourage each other during hard times. But, be careful not to turn it into a clique.

Do something after work

If you are in a toxic work environment, you need an outlet for your frustrations.

You could hit the gym after work, meet friends for a coffee or drink or learn a new skill.

Start your exit strategy

Never stay in a toxic environment for too long. It will get the best of you and make you depressed.

And I don’t mean quitting without a plan. You can begin your search for a new job. This will help you stay positive even when things get rough.

Are you in such a situation in your current workplace? Share your experiences in the comments section. I’d love to hear all about them!


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