Night Time Routine For Someone Suffering From Insomnia

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Suffering from insomnia? Here is a routine for you

Hi guys, as you all know, I am a very busy mum with a crazy schedule. Between taking care of six children, the staff , the office and running other errands, I often come home tired and ready to rest. In all honesty, I am not a super mom and at times it is challenging balancing and staying at the top on all facets of my life. This makes me look forward to my night time where I wind down and get to have some me time. Here is my nighttime routine for someone suffering from insomnia.

On some days, I prepare dinner and then check the children’s homework and plan out the next day’s schedules with the staff. I would then approve the kids’ next day activities. After all is said and done, my nighttime routine begins. This is the best time of my day as I get to be by myself, gather my thoughts and be well prepared to tackle another eventful day in my busy life.

Nighttime Routine for an Insomniac

As a very light sleeper who takes long to sleep and even suffers from loss of sleep on some days, I have come to the realization that I need a solid nighttime routine to help me fight insomnia.

  • Give yourself time

I usually sleep at around midnight so my nighttime routine starts at 11pm. This is where I go take a shower or run a bath and then do my skin care routine for dry skin.

  • Be consistent

Let your body get in the grove of what time you go to sleep and what time you wake up. Be consistent with that. I make sure that I am ready for bed at midnight and I wake up at the same time always as well.

  • Get comfortable nightwear

After my body is well relaxed from the salty bath and skin well moisturized, I jump into my nightwear which is silk. I love how it feels on my body. It is soft and comfortable.

  • Use the right bedding

I love retiring to clean sheets at the end of a long day. I often change my sheets once or twice a week. I recently got silk pillow cases and a silk bonnet from Lily Silk and they have done me a lot of good when it comes to my sleep. This is an important aspect in my nighttime routine for someone suffering from insomnia.

First is that the silk helps to regulate my body temperature so that it is not too hot or too cold that it disrupts my sleep. The is also gentle on my skin and it maintains my skin’s moisture. This is unlike cotton bedding that absorbs all my moisture leaving my skin dry in the morning.

  • Get into a relaxed mood

Light a scented candle or a humidifier to make the room smell nice and help you relax.

  • Journal/read

This is a great way to put my thoughts down. I read a chapter or two then write down what my plans for the next day are. I also keep a gratitude journal where I write down things that I am grateful for. This reminds me to be thankful, always.

When you are ready to sleep, ensure your feet are warm and that all light sources are off or covered. Also, switch off your phone and have it a distance away to minimize distractions.

When I am ready, I say a prayer and go to sleep.

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