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Clothes that are Making You Look Older

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Clothes that are Making You Look Older

First impressions matter. And our clothes play a big role into how people around us view and think about us.

That’s why when choosing your outfits, you should always think twice on whether it’s really a good choice.

When we choose our outfit for the day, we subconsciously adopt certain characteristics associated with it. So if you choose clothes or accessories that resemble an old lady’s outfit, you unwillingly start feeling like one too.

Here is a list of clothing items which I find make women look older than they really are:

Oversized clothes

Wearing oversized clothes can have an ageing effect by making you look heavier and tired.

Clothes that fit your size and highlight your best features are the best to bring out your fun and younger side.

Long skirts and dresses

Now I’m not saying that you wear very short dresses and skirts. But very long skirts that reach your ankles are a no no. They add a ton of years to your look very quickly.

For a more younger and edgy look, go for skirts that are sightly above or below the knees.

Outdated shoes

Shoes also say a lot about your age. Outdated trends in shoes such as round toes and very chunky heels shoes can add a few years into how you look.

Pointed toes and thin heels are the in thing now so stick to these for a younger, trendy look.

Head scarves

In our Kenyan culture, when women reach a certain age, they result to wearing head scarves, maybe in an attempt to hide white hair.

However, head scarves make you look much older and lazy. So instead of hiding white hair, celebrate it by styling it or by dyeing it.

Wrong bra size

The wrong bra size is not only bad to your breasts health, but it ends up making you look older.

When you wear a larger bigger bra size, your breasts will not be firmly held up and may look saggy. This then gives the impression that you are older than what you really are.

You wear too many accessories

When you wear too many accessories you end up looking like the famous “auntie wa harrier“.

When you pile on multiple and different kinds of accessories, you seem unorganized and older. In fact, this accessory obsession is sure to instantly age you, since the cluttered look only works to hide your figure.

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