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The Sporty Fashion Style

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Sporty fashion style

This style is often referred to as athleisure. It has gained popularity from celebrities incorporating their gym wear in their day to day activities. I am a particular fan of this fashion style especially when running errands. The sporty fashion style is a newer form of casual wear and it has become acceptable to be in gym clothes without necessarily heading to the gym.

Volunteering for a committee at your child’s school, dealing with the kids at the park, traveling? The sporty fashion style is for you. You will not only be comfortable but also chic. They are easy to wear and move around in. If you are a busy individual, do not let style and fashion come in your way because in all honesty, sporty does not necessarily mean sloppy.

Staples for the Sporty Fashion Style

  • Leggings
  • Tank tops
  • Sports bras
  • Yoga pants
  • Sweat pants
  • Sweat shirts
  • Sport shoes

Sporty outfits re practical and functional. Layering is a key aspect of this style as it allows you to layer outer wear like denim or bomber jackets on a sweat shirt and still look sporty.

Hats like beanies and baseball caps are sporty and would definitely come in handy on those bad hair days.

Such details as thumb holes on sweatshirts, pockets or pushing your sleeves up a bit elevate your sporty fashion look. They also suggest that you are down for work.

Go for patterns like striped, plaid, graphics and camo.

Accessories for the sporty look

Be very minimalist when it comes to accessories for this look. Keep it simple with studs and delicate chains. Your fitbit, silicone watch band and rings are also functional and fashionable. Aviator and wayfarer style sunglasses would also go well with your outfit.

A tote, sling bag or fanny pack would be the bags for this look.

Biker shorts are also a thing in this style

Shoes like sneakers, boots and moccasins. Sneakers can be stylish such as converse and stylish running shoes.

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