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Provocative Fashion Style

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Provocative Fashion Style
Provocative Fashion Style

Are you the kind of woman who likes to show off her best features some skin? Then you most definitely fall in the provocative fashion style.

This kind of style is almost considered “slutty” because the clothes that are worn here leave the bare minimum for the imagination.

So, here is how to figure out if you have a provocative fashion style:

You wear very tight fighting clothes

It is okay to wear tight fighting clothes but there has to be a balance. In that, if you wear tight tops, then your bottoms should be loose.

However, with the provocative fashion style, your clothes are too tight for comfort.

Skin shows freely and generously

Remember when we talked about fashion rules you should never break? Well, this is one of the rules that this style breaks without thinking twice.

You wear very short tops, skirts, dresses and tops that show your cleavage generously.

Sheer clothes are also a favourite with this style because they are revealing

Your shoes are mainly heels

Since this fashion style focuses on showing off legs by wearing very short dresses, the best shoes to go with this style is heels.

High heels do a better job at completing this type of look.

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