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Tomboy Fashion Style

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Tomboy Fashion Style
Tomboy Fashion Style

The tomboy fashion style is the complete opposite of the girly style and celebrates embracing masculinity.

The tomboy fashion style has been gaining popularity now more more than ever and has been embraced by lots of women.

Not only is this style extremely comfortable, but it also embraces a functional and versatile aesthetic that is instantly appealing.

Here are some of the things that instantly say you have a tomboy sense of fashion:

Black is often preferred over pink

Pink, or any bright colours whatsoever, is not a favourite among tomboy fashion lovers.

They prefer dull coloured clothes in colours such as black, blue or grey.

Bottoms tend to be baggy

Since the tomboy fashion style is all about embracing masculinity, you will rarely see a tomboy with tight fighting clothes.

The most common bottoms that tomboys go for are trousers and shorts which tend to be baggy.

This style stays away from skinny jeans and booty shorts.

Graphic tops and shirts

Instead of flowerly or bright coloured tops, the tomboy fashion style focuses on baggy tops, shirts and hoodies which may have graphics on them.

Clothes come without frills and laces 

Frills and laces are commonly found in girly feminine clothes. And since the tomboy style is the complete opposite of femininity, this style, tomboys stay away from these.

Flat comfortable shoes

You will rarely find a tomboy wearing high heels or even doll shoes.

They prefer sneakers, timberland boots or sporty shoes that are comfortble and easy to walk in.

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