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Romantic Fashion Style

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Lace is a staple of the romantic fashion style

The romantic fashion style has close ties with the feminine style of fashion although is does not feature the pink colour as heavily as the feminine fashion style does. In this style, floral patterns are predominant.

This style also incorporates lace, ruffles and pleats

Characteristics of people who love the romantic fashion style

  • Your dressing expresses your femininity

For you, your priority is not comfort or whether the outfit is practical. Even when dressing casually, you like to throw in romantic elements like lace or a subtle print.

  • Beautiful pieces attract you

Are your eyes always drawn to pretty pieces and prints? Then you have romantic style personality.

  • You like embellishments on your clothes

Clothes with frills, lace, bows and ruffles are your thing

  • You like soft colours

People who like this style are drawn to pastel and other soft colours

  • You like to be well-groomed

Even when running errands, you like to dress up and throw on a little makeup. Watch how to dress up in the romantic style, on my YouTube Channel Here.

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