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Preppy Fashion Style

By July 22, 2020January 1st, 20212 Comments
Preppy style

This style was born from how prep school students of North-eastern America dressed. It gained popularity outside of these campuses and has been incorporated into everyday wear. The preppy fashion style is simple and clean cut.

What this fashion style denotes

People who rock this style are associated with good vocabulary, mannerisms and etiquette. They also reflect an upper-class upbringing.

Staples of the this fashion style

  • Argyle sweaters
  • Crownneck sweaters
  • Girly blouses
  • A-line skirts
  • Leg chinos
  • Khakis
  • Button-down oxfords
  • Plaid short skirts
  • Henley shirts

Accessories for the preppy fashion style

  • Little headbands
  • Geek glasses

This style may look very expensive but may not necessarily be luxurious.

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