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Glamorous Fashion Style

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Glamorous Fashion Style
Glamorous Fashion Style

Do you often find yourself dressing like you are getting ready to be featured in a high fashion magazine? Well, you most definitely fall into the glamorous fashion style.

The glamorous fashion style is though to be a flashy, loud-over-the-top style with bling.

Think of how celebrities dress for the red carpet and other glamorous events.

If you identify with style you find yourself balancing that glitzy side of your style personality without ever venturing into looking tacky.

Here are tips to find out if you have a glamorous fashion style:

Your outfits are sophisticated but with extra pizzazz

When you have a glamorous sense of style, you tend to look sophisticated and classy but with a tinge of style.

Everywhere you go, you leave heads turning. You also tend to make an entrance because of how you are dressed. When you enter the room, you have a certain presence.

Bright and fabulous accessories

Your outfits are never complete without jewels and accessories. Women who have a glamorous fashion style usually make a statement with jewels.

You find that you tend to pair your outfits with statement earrings, metallic belts with gold trims, chunky jewellery, asymmetric heels, gold cuffs, statement boots, and elegant clutches.

Your makeup is flashy and colourful

Remember when we talked about pizzazz? Well, it doesn’t stop with your clothes.

Your makeup tends to be bright and colourful with shades of glitter to make a statement and make head turns!

Your clothes are made from rich fabrics and unconventional cuts

When choosing your clothes, you tend to buy those made from rich fabrics such as satin, velvet and chiffons.

This is why these fabrics are used by celebrity fashion designers for the glamour and sophistication they give off.

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