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The Eclectic Fashion Style

This fashion style is characterized by the unconventional way of putting together items of clothing that would not normally go together. The result of this knack is not only unique but also stands out. The beautiful thing about the eclectic fashion style is that you do not need to go shopping for new pieces. All you need to do is dig into your closet and style your pieces in a creative way. You should however be careful with this style as the fine line between being eclectic and being a fashion faux pas.

The Eclectic Essentials

This style can be built upon a flattering jeans, black skirt or black pants. They can be paired with trendier tops. Classic items in your wardrobe such as the cable-knit sweater, a black or white t-shirt or a button-down shirt are other building blocks of the eclectic fashion style.

Solid bottoms and patterned tops

Use one of the above (Classic jeans, skirt or pants) in a solid colour and pair it with a top with prints and patterns. Add on jacket with a different pattern to add flair to the look.

Print on Print

Are you more daring and would not mind putting together a look with different prints? Go for say a skirt with large floral prints with a top with polka dots or smaller flowers on it. You can also try similar colour elements such as graphics and stripes that go together.

Matching colours

Another way to pull off the eclectic style is to match colours in a counter-intuitive way. Brown and black may, for instance, not be your conventional combination but if you have a blue jeans, black t-shirt and a brown belt, you will have put together an eclectic look. Colours that are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel such as red and pink would also go well together. Complementary colours like purple and yellow or those of different shades like royal blue and sky blue can also create an interesting eclectic look.

Fancy pieces + Basic pieces

Pairing a dress and sneakers is a thing. A chunky cable knit sweater on a summer dress is also a thing.

Eclectic accessories

Try solid colour bags to go with your mixed pattern outfit. Metallic bangles and chunky watches also go together.

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