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Minimalist Fashion Style

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Minimalist Fashion Style
Minimalist Fashion Style

Simplicity. This is the key to pinpointing the minimalist fashion style.

Minimalists like to keep their outfits simple and don’t necessarily overthink on what to pair with each other.

Their wardrobes have a small selection of colours and even a bare minimum amount of clothing in your closet.

Some of the most famous and successful people on the earth have been known to lean towards the minimalist fashion style.

Why? Because, when you’re making significant decisions all day long, what you wear becomes one less thing to think about.

Here are tips to find out if you have a minimalist fashion style:

Limited Colour Pallete

If you find that your wardrobe has a limited selection of colours, consisting of nothing more than black and white, or even be monochromatic, you are most definitely a minimalist.

Your shoes, bags and clothes often have similar colours in either blacks or whites.

You rarely have colours in your wardrobe.

Garments are simple and clean

As opposed to other fashion styles such as the eclectic and artsy, your clothes don’t have any frills, ruffles, or bold, wild prints.

You prefer your clothes clean cut and simple!

Accessories are kept to a minimum

You are not one to wear flashy or statement jewellery. In fact, you can go without wearing earrings, rings, bracelets and watches.

However, when you do, you choose pieces that are simple and small.

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