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Feminine Fashion Style

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Feminine Fashion Style
Feminine Fashion Style

The feminine fashion style entails all the girly things in the world incorporated into clothes, makeup and accessories.

Do you enjoy wearing stereotypical feminine items like dresses, skirts, pumps, bows, pink, sheer blouses, pearls, lace camisoles, flouncy tea-length skirts and the occasional ruffle? You most definitely fall in this category of fashion style.

You tend to celebrate your femininity through your clothes and makeup and aren’t afraid to show it.

If you are still not sure that this is your style, here is a more detailed explanation of the feminine fashion style:

You use a lot of makeup

Makeup is a big part of the feminine fashion style. Your outfit cannot be complete unless you put on makeup and finish it off with a nice coloured lipstick.

You love some colour on your face and it is for this reason that you play around with blush on your cheeks and eyeshadow.

You love bright feminine colours

Not only do you love the colour pink (the typical girly colour), but other bright colours such as purples, yellows and pastels.

You incorporate these colours into your style, from makeup, clothes, bags and even shoes.

The brighter the colour, the better!

You love dresses and skirts

A peak into your wardrobe will show your love for skirts and dresses, which are the ultimate celebration of the feminine fashion style.

Additionally, your dresses and skirts will also most definitely feature in bright cute colours and prints.

Your clothes have cute details

Details such as bows, ruffles, flounces and laces feature heavily in your outfits, especially in dresses and blouses.

Also, prints and textures like polka dots, floral are a favourite with feminine fashion styles.

Everything about your shoes shouts feminine

Your shoe closet is filled with heels, strappy sandals and cute pairs of ballerinas with little bow finishes.


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