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Classic Fashion Style

Classic Fashion Style
Classic Fashion Style

I can define the classic fashion style with only one word. Quality.

Women who identify with having a classic sense of fashion lean towards having pieces of wardrobe items that are timeless.

And, it is the quality of a piece that ultimately makes it timeless. Meaning that you can return to it and wear it again and again. Something you can keep for years, even decades because it will last.

Here is how to identify if you have a classic fashion style:

Your wardrobe built on mainly three basic colours

If you take a peek into your closet, you will realize that a good chunk of your clothes are in three main colours – black, grey, and beige, but you also do like classic shades such as red.

You tend to stay away from prints and floral clothes. And when you do incorporate some prints into your outfit, you go for classic patterns like polka dots, leopard print and stripes.

Your are interested in investment dressing

Of all the fashion personality types, the classic fashion style is most interested in investment dressing.

Because you choose well-tailored clothes that are clean and refined, you spend a lot of money on them because they will last a long time and probably never go out of style.

Moreso, you do not hesitate to spend money on alterations so that your clothing fits well.

You always look elegant and well put together

When putting an outfit together, you aren’t bothered about trends. Instead, you aim to look elegant and refined. And that’s why you go for impeccable tailoring and clean, straight lines for your clothes.

Your outfit choices will most certainly suit any occasion and you tend to gravitate towards well-cut pieces in good quality fabric.

Your accessories are from premium and luxury brands

Remember when I pointed out that the classic fashion style is drawn to investment clothing? It doesn’t stop there.

You choose accessories that are expensive and are from luxury brands.

It could be a bag, a watch, necklace, shoes or earrings. You go the extra mile to buy nice things and you don’t mind spending a few more bucks to look elegant and refined.

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