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How To Find Your Personal Style

What is it about fashion that rocks your boat? What are those colours that bring out the best in you? Do you have patterns that you would say are your favourite? Are there pieces of clothing that light up your face and accentuate your body type? Have you found your style or are you still in limbo, trying to figure out what works well for you? As an image consultant, I have decided to help you, my ardent follower, find your personal style. I am coming up with what I call The Style Series where we will be looking at different personal styles and how you can find your best style.

Finding your personal style

In this journey to finding your personal style, the first thing is to find your inspiration. Style inspiration can be gotten from different sources and here are my top two:

  • Vision Boards

Just like any other aspiration in life that you are encouraged to visualize it as you work towards achieving it, create a vision board for your best personal style. Go on the internet and find images of people with a style that you like and would love for it to be your personal style. The best place to start would be in Pinterest. Dig deep and exhaust all the styles that you are amazed by.

Vision boards can either be physical or digital. As a visual person that likes tangible things, I would definitely go for a physical vision board. I would then print out the best images and have them on my vision board.

Check out your best fashion bloggers, instagrammers, fashion magazines as well as online retailers for pieces that grab your attention. Whatever you like, add to your vision board.

Having a photo of your style inspiration as your screen saver for your phone or computers also goes a long way in reinforcing the inspiration.

Who is your style inspiration?
  • Celebrity Inspiration

Do you have that celebrity who you have to check out everyday whenever she posts? That famous person that you think their personal style is awesome and you would love to dress like them someday.

My celebrity inspiration for instance is Audrey Hepburn. She is my favourite style icon and the fact that she lived in the pre-internet era means that there aren’t a lot of her photographs online. What I do, therefore, is lookout for bloggers that have recreated her looks and get my style inspirations from them.

What do you think your personal style is? Not sure? We can help you with that at Image Redefined. Talk to us today on 0715315960 or email us at for a free image consultation.

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