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Casual Style

Casual Style
Casual Style

When someone says they have a casual fashion style, we tend to think that they are lazy and don’t put much into their outfits.

However, despite this belief, having a casual sense of style is in itself a form of elegance but not at the sacrifice of comfort.

That’s why we have many different forms of casual wear depending on the different types of events such as business casual, which is worn to some offices.

When you have a casual fashion style, you tend to lean towards outfits that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s why relaxed fitted t-shirts and jeans are often the featured garments of this style.

Casual outfits can be best worn to parties, picnics, laid back restaurants, sometimes to the office and basically any other event that doesn’t require you to wear anything fancy.

Here is how to pull off a casual style for any event or occasion:

Incorporate denim into your outfits

Nothing says casual more than a denim shirt, dress, skirt jacket or trousers. Therefore, if your personal style is casual, make denim your best friend.

You can choose to go all denim or throw on a piece of denim to your outfit.

Keep your colours neutral or muted

Unless you are an artsy kind of girl, you should stay away from very bright colours and try to keep your outfits muted.

Therefore, black, grey and white work best with this fashion style.

Try to mix up these colours in one outfit for a chic and sleek finished look.

Here is some inspiration for you:

Go for relaxed accessories

When choosing accessories for a casual style, make sure you keep them simple.

Also, always strive to match them to your outfit. Simple earrings, necklaces and bags best complement this style.

Embrace Knitwear

The number one reason for going for the casual fashion style is comfort.

Knitted sweaters offer comfort and can be very stylish if paired well with the right accessories and clothes.

Make them your best friends when the weather is a bit chilly or during the night when the sun has set.

You can pair knitwear with jeans and skirts for a chic casual style.

Comfortable footwear

Comfortable shoes are key to pull off a casual outfit.

Flats should be your go-to footwear for comfort, but switch them up once in a while with some nice heels.

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