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Bohemian Fashion Style

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The bohemian fashion style has a great similarity to the artsy style and it is characterized by wild and extravagant patterns. These eye catching patterns are often on exotic textures.

This style was born from the gypsy and hippy looks. What sets this style apart from the artsy style is that while artsy is more of bright colours, the bohemian style has both bright and muted colours.

Clothing from the Bohemian style is also characterized by free-flowing fabrics made from natural materials and the fit is more relaxed.

Accessories from this look are, in most cases, handcrafted.

The Bohemian style is not in any way traditional and if you ever hear someone talk of the the “boho” style, then this is it.

This style can be pulled off with tribal prints, patterns and accessories.

Harem pants and dashiki shirts are part of the bohemian fashion style and they can be found in Kenya’s Maasai Market, open air markets in the coastal region as well as gift shops like those in Hilton Arcade.

Wondering where you would rock this style? The best place would be to the beach while on vacation or even when sightseeing.

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