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Artsy Fashion Style

Artsy Fashion Style
Artsy Fashion Style

Does this sound like you? You are a total art-lover, a big believer in self-expression, or simply someone who wants to dress outside the box more often. If the answer is yes, you probably fall under the artsy fashion style.

When it comes to expressing yourself through clothes and accessories, you find yourself often drawn towards items that are particularly unique and stand out.

The artsy fashion style category tends to stay away from conventional fashion styles and resembles the fashion sense of a creative thinker who wants to make a statement.

Truth is, the artsy fashion style is different depending on your level of creativeness and you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to fashion.

Bright and Bold colours

When choosing accessories and clothes, people who fall under the artsy fashion style tend to lean more towards bright and bold colours.

Your clothes don’t necessarily have to match. You actually believe in mixing and matching your clothes in a bold, bright but classy way! You make a statement by how you wear and style colours together.

Large – artsy – Prints

You are not afraid of prints if you are an artsy person.

In fact, you wear more than one print in an outfit and rock it like you own the world!

However, in as much as you pride yourself in self expression, remember to keep the patterns in the same color family.

Big Chunky accessories

When it comes to accessorizing your outfits, you lean towards big and chunky ones that shout boldness and daring.

Big earrings, chunky bracelets, bags with bold colors and artsy shoes are your go to accessories.

You always leave a lasting impression with your accessories.

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