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Fashion Tips for Women Working in Male Dominated Industries

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Fashion Tips for Women Working in Male Dominated Industries
Fashion Tips for Women Working in Male Dominated Industries

Times are changing and now, more than ever, we have a lot more women working and penetrating into roles that were previously thought to be for men alone.

We now have more female software and electrical engineers, more women CEOs and more female scientists. I could go on and on. But you get my point.

However, even with more women penetrating these roles and breaking the barriers, some of these jobs are still very much dominated by men.

For example, in most engineering firms, you will most definitely find more men than women, except for secretaries and assistants.

For women in this position where they feel outnumbered by men at their places of work, the question of what to wear normally comes up more than usual.

Should women try to blend in or should they stand out when it comes to their dressing?

In this article I will share some tips that I think will be useful for women in these fields:

Study the Dress Code

If the dress code for the firm you are working for is mainly suits, try to follow the same as much as possible.

I always say you can bring a bit of femininity into anything, even in corporate dress codes.

Suits can be boring so a little bit of colour can add a touch of femininity in your outfits.

You can pair your skirt or trouser suit with a colourful blouse and chic heels or flats.

Also, your suits don’t have to be boring colours. You can switch up black for other colourful suits and stand out from the crowd of men

Skirts and Dresses

The one thing you might want to think about is that if you are constantly wearing skirts or dresses, you might get attention for the wrong thing.

With skirts and dresses, the key is to keep them appropriate and conservative. You don’t want your co-workers to focus on you more than they probably already do.

Keep your dresses well below the knees and avoid figure hugging clothes that draw the attention of your male colleagues.

You want them to focus on what you are saying and doing instead of how big your bum is or how well endowed you are.

Don’t reveal too much

When it comes to your upper body, make sure that your arms and bust are covered up as well.

Much as we hate to admit it, men are visual beings. And this doesn’t stop just because they are at work.

So it’s best to keep your bust covered up if you are a busty woman and your arms considerably covered up.

Imagine wearing a top or blouse that shows off your cleavage and you are supposed to handle a presentation. You definitely want to keep the eyes on the presentation and off your cleavage.

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