Chic Ways to Style Trenchcoats

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Ways to Style Trenchcoats
Ways to Style Trenchcoats

Trenchcoats are a must-have especially in this cold season because they are not only timeless but there are many easy and fun ways to style them.

I’m a firm believer of not letting the cold season make me throw out my sense of fashion. That is why I always put a little more effort into what I wear, even during the cold season.

Because there are countless ways in which you can style trenchcoats, I prefer having them in different colours and styles. This allows me to switch up my style in each and every outfit I throw on a trenchcoat.

Here are some chic and easy ways you can style your trenchcoats:

With Jeans

This is probably the easiest way to style your trenchcoat. Your jeans don’t have to necessarily match with your trenchcoat. So, you can wear any colours you like as long as they don’t look outrageous together.

With this outfit, you can choose to wear sneakers or dress things up a bit with loafers, ballet flats, pumps, or ankle boots depending on the look you are going for.

With Dresses

If you’re wearing a cute dress and want to show it off, make sure to wear a trench coat by tying the trenchcoat’s belt in the back. If it doesn’t have a belt, you can leave it unbuttoned as well.

If the dress you are wearing is short and above the knee, a medium to long trenchcoat is the best to pair with. Thigh high boots will complement this outfit and take it to the next level.

For an office look, wear it over a midi length dress paired with a comfortable pair of heels.

With Skirts

Is there anything you can’t wear with trenchcoats? Skirts and trenchcoats styled together look fabulous. Selena Gomez has mastered the art of pairing this two. Whether it’s for an extra casual street style or a chic and classy look, she shows us how wear these two perfectly!

As you can see, she pairs the combo with a pair of sneakers for a laid back look and a pair of heeled boots for a classic yet trendy look.

With Leggings

Leggings look just as great with trenchcoats as they do with jeans.

A pair of black leggings paired with heeled boots or sneakers look fantastic when styled with trenchcoats.

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