How To Instantly Increase Productivity When Working From Home

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The office dynamics have greatly changed. With the pandemic, it is unfortunate that most people lost their jobs while those that are still employed were asked to work from home. Some people thought it could not be done but more than four months later, it is evident that it is possible to work from home with the following hacks that make you productive, instantly. Here is how to increase your productivity when working from home.

Working from home hacks and tricks
  1. Prepare a to-do list

When your mind is organized, you are able to work better. When working from home, prepare a list of things to do the following day. This allows you to know what is in your plate and thus helping you better plan your day.

Make your to-do list as detailed as possible with time frames

If you have to take your child to the hospital for instance, have the time slotted in for that so that you do not have to eat into office hours. Unless it is an emergency, it is courteous to let your employer or supervisor know about your plans prior. This will help increase your productivity while working from home as tasks may be reassigned to a different individual. You can also ask to tackle it after your errands.

2. Work from an office or a designated area

You cannot expect to be productive if you work in the living area where there are such distractions as the television or sound system and other occupants of the household.

Working from the living room or kitchen will take away your concentration as you will be forced to multi-task between taking care of the children and cleaning as their mess or watching something interesting on TV.

Improve your productivity instantly while working from home by setting aside a conducive place to work from.

Work from a designated area free from distractions

3. Have your phone on standby

This is to ensure that there is coordination between you and your colleagues. If there are any services to be rendered or corrections to be made, you can work on that as soon as it is communicated. Keep your work emails on as well to be able to receive notifications promptly.

4. Have scheduled breaks

When working from home, there are no colleagues to go with to lunch or for coffee breaks. Remind yourself to take those much needed breaks. Breath. Come up for air.

It is so easy to blink and it is close of business. Set alarms if need be. Go stretch yourself and eat. It is the only way to be rejuvenated and avoid burning out.

5. Ask for help if you need it

If your workload is a lot, split it with someone else. There is no shame in asking for help, Do not kill yourself with work yet there are people who would help you in a heartbeat.

Also, if what you are needed to do is difficult, ask for help as you learn how to do it. This will help you increase productivity while working from home as you will get more things done.

Cheers to those that were used to working from home. They showed us that it was doable especially after the pandemic changed the dynamics and traditions of working. We also salute everyone that is working from home and taking care of their families needs. I know women that are running businesses, home-schooling their children and being general homemakers singlehandedly. You are our unsung heroes!

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