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Choosing Accessories That Flatter Your Body Shape

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Choosing Accessories That Flatter Your Body Shape
Choosing Accessories That Flatter Your Body Shape

Flattering your body shape doesn’t end at only finding the right clothes. Finding accessories for your body shape is also as important.

For me, accessories are the icing on the cake because they are the finishing touches to an outfit. From the little extra bling that makes a simple outfit rock to a fantastic pair of earrings that draws a dozen compliments, accessories are an integral part of every outfit.

Therefore, when you’re styling your body shape, accessories are your very good friend.

Pear/ Triangle Body shape

Having a pear body shape means that your shoulders, bust and waist tend to be more narrow and smaller compared to your hips.

Therefore when choosing accessories for this body shape means that you have to draw attention to the upper body away from the hips.

You do this by wearing big statement earrings and necklaces. Big pieces of jewellery will draw the eyes to the upper part of your body.

When it comes to accessorizing with bags, avoid carrying big bags that draw attention to the bottom part of the body. It will be better to wear small clutch bags or simply smaller ones.

Big bracelets are a no go for the pear-shaped women because when your arms are by your sides, they will draw the eyes to your hips.

Belts are a great accessory because they help to accentuate your small waist.

Inverted Triangle

This body shape is the opposite of the pear body shape. Women who have this body shape have wider shoulders and bust as compared to the hips.

Therefore, the ultimate goal when choosing accessories for this body shape should be to draw attention from the top half and give the illusion of proportional bottom half.

The number one thing to sty way from is big statement earrings and necklaces.

Instead, go for big bracelets, bangles, and watches that draw the eyes to the bottom half of your body.

Carrying big bags will also help the eyes to focus on the lower part of the body. Statement belts should be your best friend because they give the illusion of a cinched waist.

Shoes can be high heels, boots, or some colorful ones.


Since this body shape is considered the most ideal, women with this shape only need to complement it and not try to hide it.

For the most part, the clothes you wear complement your shape so when choosing accessories, go for gentle necklaces and bracelets.

If your clothes doesn’t give you a defined waistline, a nice slim belt can do the trick.

Pointy-toe shoes, whether heeled or flat, make your legs look longer.

Rectangle Shape

This body shape resembles a rectangle because weight is evenly distributed.

Dress for Your Body Type

Women with such body type, therefore, should strive at creating the illusion that their bodies have some curves.

Scarves and belts are the perfect accessories for this shape. Carves give the illusion of a bigger bust while belts give the illusion of a more curvaceous body.

The belt needs to be a big one and even a shiny or colourful one in order to draw attention.

Other kinds of accessories that complement such kinds of body type are round or oval bags in medium sizes. Soft and rounded edges of a bag can complement rectangular body types.


Round shaped women usually have no waist definition. Therefore, their bust, waist and hips tend to have almost similar measurements.

Therefore accessories for this body shape should give the illusion of a waist.

Always wear a belt to cinch your waist in either a dress, skirt, long jacket or high-rise pant.

Statement earrings are also a good choice for this body shape. They are bold and also draw attention to your neckline and away from your problem areas.

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