Seven Things to Normalize as a Black Woman

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I am all about women empowerment because I understand the potential that women have and more so THE BLACK WOMAN. In today’s article, I want to talk about things to normalize as a black woman.

Women creating wealth, financial freedom and creating impact doing what they love is what I live for.

A guest from a podcast I listen to once said, “Women are the most untapped resource humanity has and if we wake them up, woman can be the game changers for the shift that needs to take place” – Danette May, The BossBabe Podcast.

You are a strong black woman

Here are the 10 things to normalize as a black woman

  • Normalize being single and loving the heck out of it

I hear many women complaining that they are tired of being single and crave for that love, to be with someone, be in a relationship. It is not bad to want love but as for now, while single – enjoy it. Live your life to the fullest, be happy while single. Do not become desperate and settle for any John Doe that called walked past you. Men can smell desperation from a mile away.

  • Normalize luxury and expensive things

Dear black woman, you work so hard for the life you have but why do you feel guilty when you get yourself that nice watch you have been eyeing. I know that we have been raised to be frugal and that society has measured our “wife material-ness” with our ability to adapt to poverty but we all know that this is not the gospel truth.

Normalize luxury living

Occasionally, get that designer bag or belt and don’t beat yourself to death for that.

  • Normalize ending friendships you have outgrown

Just because you have history together does not mean you have to keep being friends. If the friendship has run its course, walk away. Remember, deadlifts are heavy to carry around.

  • Normalize supporting other women

My most ardent supporters and cheerleaders are women I have never met. We bumped into each other online and they are always gassing me up on how good I look and that I am doing just fine as a mum.

We should all support each other without necessarily having to be rewarded for it.

  • Normalize living free of jealousy and bitterness

It has been said time and time again that women are their own worst enemies. I do not agree with this and I believe that this narrative can be changed. Women are often pitched against each other by society. It is not by their own doing that they are ripping each other apart.

We should normalize getting facts straight and resorting to more peaceful ways of solving conflicts.

Let Go and Let God.

  • Normalize intentional living

My word for 2020 was INTENTIONAL.

Being intentional allows us to think deeply of the rewards or consequences before investing time, money, energy or passion into anything or anyone.

Being intentional means that all we have decided to do, we do wholeheartedly and that the rewards are better.

  • Normalize fresh starts

Laid off from work? Broken up? Tired of living in your place?

Go. Start afresh. There is nothing wrong with starting all over again. Be free from meaningless attachments to people or places.

Start afresh and BLOSSOM!

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