How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape

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the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape
The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape

Shaping your eyebrows can make or break your whole makeup look so it is important to find the right shape for your face shape.

It’s almost like another skill altogether, different from doing your makeup because if you mess up, your whole look looks tacky.

Drawing your eyebrows is like art and geometry combined because to find the perfect arch, it’s all about the angles and proportions of your face shape.

Of the six different face shapes that there are, each is complemented by different eyebrow shapes.

In this article, we will look at how to shape your brows for your unique face shape.

The oval face shape

When you have an oval shape, your forehead is wider than your chin. You will also realize that you have protruding cheekbones and a narrow oval chin.

Celebrities who have this type of face shape include Kerry Washinton and Beyonce.

When selecting eyebrow shapes for women with this face shape, the classic high arches and soft angled eyebrow shapes are the way to go.

The soft angled shape makes the brow look delicate and soft. The shape goes straight and then softly curves round at the top and down of the eyebrows.

The round shape

Women who have a round face shape find that their facial width and length are roughly the same size.

Celebrities such as Queen Latifah and Jordin Sparks are the best examples of that have round face shapes.

High-arched brows are the best for this face shape because they create the illusion of a slimmer face.

The square shape

With this kind of face shape, the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are all the same width.

Raven Simone and Monique both have the square-shaped face and are the best examples for this.

When shaping their eyebrows, women with this kind of face shape should focus on making the face look less broader than it actually is.

The best brow shapes for this face shape are the slightly angled brows that will soften the angles of your face and add depth.

The heart-shaped face

This shape is characterized by a forehead that is wider than the chin. Good examples of women who have this face shape are Angelica Bassett and Halle Berry.

For all of you heart-shaped beauties, try a rounded brow shape. This shape will help soften the more angular areas of your face.

Stay clear of a high arch and go low instead, unless you have a shorter face, in which case more depth can look great.

The diamond-shaped face

With this type of face shape, your forehead and chin are narrower than your cheekbones.

Viola Davis and Tyra Banks are famously know n for their diamond shaped faces.

The number one goal for women with type of face shape should be to shorten the face. Therefore, curved brows are the perfect shapes for this face shape.

The curve helps to soften your look and make the widest part of your face look less wide.

The Oblong shaped face

With this face shape, your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are basically the same width with a small, slightly tapered chin.

Kelly Rowland is the perfect example for this face shape.

To steer clear of making the face appear longer, avoid a highly arched brow. A straight, fuller brow with a subtle arch is the most flattering for an oblong face.

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