Makeup Tricks That Will Instantly Make you Look Younger

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Makeup Tricks That Will Instantly Make you Look Younger

We all want to look young. However, ageing is inevitable. Even so, I have a few makeup tricks up the sleeve that instantly makes me look younger than I am.

Makeup can fix up almost everything. Look tired? Fix it up with some concealer and foundation. Have blemishes on your face? Makeup will fix it up in a jiffy. And that is why makeup is my therapy.

Over the years, I have learnt a few tricks that makeup can do in taking some few years off your face.


As we age, our eyes tend to sink back in their sockets. This then makes the eyelids to hang down and make the eyes look smaller.

The good news is, you can quickly and simply fix this issue with makeup and instantly look younger.

And so comes in my number one makeup trick to look younger. Use an eyeshadow palette that has a warm colour and tone on your lids to hide the wrinkles.

One thing to always remember, though, before putting on eyeshadow is that you should dab an eye-shadow base or primer.

To finish off the look, add a touch of shimmery eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.


Hair loss goes hand in hand with ageing. Therefore as we get older, our eyebrows tend to thin and get droopy as well.

To make your eyebrows look fuller, you can try micro-blading and micro shading or fill them every day using a brow pencil.

Makeup tricks to look younger

If you choose to be filling your eyebrows with a pencil, the trick is to stay away from black and use brown pencils for a more natural and younger look.


Using concealer is probably the easiest makeup trick to instantly looking younger.

As we get older, dark circles and lines tend to appear around the eyes. However, using a good concealer to cover the darkness makes all the difference.

It sounds so simple, but it will instantly brighten your entire face and make you look refreshed and awake.

Concealer can also be used on the entire face before going in with a light foundation to hide any wrinkles and lines that may be on your skin.


Youthful skin usually has a natural luminousity but with ageing, the skin loses this.

A good highlighter on the cheeks, forehead and the tip of the nose gives the illusion of younger skin.

Highlighting is a good makeup trick to looking younger because the product picks up light and makes your skin glow.


Just like the eyebrows, our lashes become thinner and shorter as we get older. So, for every decade after age 30, apply an extra coat of mascara will do the trick to boost them and make you look younger.

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