How To Create a Positive Self-Image

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It goes without saying that self-image is not fixed. It is cultivated. Self-image is influenced by many different aspects of our lives and it is possible to work towards creating a positive self-image. Just like any other facet of life, self-image is not a quick fix but rather a journey from the inside out.

Make an effort to create a positive self image

Creating a positive self-image is dependent on learning to love and accept ourselves as we are. Everyone has both positive and negative traits and it is important to realize this and consciously work towards focusing on the positives and muting the negatives. It is a fact that when you dwell on the negatives, you cannot view yourself in positive light. You will always be seeing your short comings.

When you focus on your positive traits, however, you live a more fulfilled life because you love yourself, accept your flaws and work towards changing the negatives into positives.

Be aware that learning to love yourself is a journey and that you are a unique individual with unique strengths and weaknesses. Try as much as possible not to compare yourself with other people as this often breeds feelings of negative self-image when you feel less accomplished or in a worse state than those you are comparing yourself to. The bottom line is, everyone’s journey is different, embrace yours and love yourself fiercely while at it.

Below are ways to create a positive self-image

  • Make as list of the things you like about yourself

As easy as it may sound, it can actually be difficult as you start out. This is because having had a negative self-image for years, you have to convince yourself and now think about things that you like about yourself. The good things is that with time, you get the hand of it and those positive traits start showing.

The list of positive things may be such things as being funny, the ability to connect easily with people or that you find yourself attractive.

Also, think about your favourite personal skills like being artistic or athletic.

The importance of this activity is to help you focus on the positive side of things because learning to love and appreciate yourself is the first step towards the creation of a positive self-image.

  • List down moments you were proud of

This activity is important in helping you focus on the things that you have so far achieved in your life.

At times, like flies back and when we are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, we forget that there were times that we did ourselves proud by these achievements.

The list may include when you got your first job, coming on top of the class, being recognized regionally or even globally for something you did, winning a competition or even learning a new skill that you had dreaded.

It is also important to consider the challenges that you have gone through and been successful at it – the times that you did not let adversities put you down. Note how much you had to endure and the hurdles you had to go over in order to achieve something.

This exercise will help you realize that you truly have something to offer to the world even though you are feeling insignificant at the moment.

  • Start a life appreciation/gratitude journal

This is a more comprehensive activity and it could go on forever.

This is where you write down everything you are thankful for in life and it could be something as mundane as life, a new day or health to somewhat big achievements as getting your dream job.

Find a reason to be grateful each day. A grateful heart is a happy heart and a happy heart begets a positive self-image.

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