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Clothes that Flatter an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

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Inverted Triangle Body Shape Clothes
Clothes that Flatter an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

When picking out clothes for a woman with an inverted triangle body shape, the key is balancing out the heavy top part with the bottom slimmer part.

This is because women with an inverted triangle body shape tend to have a less proportional shape. Inverted triangle body shaped women have broader shoulders and large cup sizes as compared to their hips and waist.

The goal with this body shape is to then choose clothes that add curves to the hips and bottom while creating a more defined waist, and de-emphasising the upper body.

Skirts and Dresses

When choosing skirts and dresses, the key is to find clothes that give the illusion of a wider bottom half.

A-line and fit and flare dresses can help to give this illusion. Fit and flare dresses specifically help add volume to your hips and also help create a waist.

Pleated skirts are also a good choice for the inverted triangle shape. Midi-length skirts are the most ideal for this shape for a fuller bottom that will even out your broad shoulders.


The number one clothes item to stay way for an inverted triangle body shape is skinny pants. This is because they make your lower body part, which is smaller, more distinct. And we don’t want that, do we?

Therefore, when picking out pants for this body shape, go for those with lots of details – such as pockets, patterns and prints, to add volume to the hips.

Baggy trousers, palazzo, flares, and wide legs are perfect for giving this illusion of fuller hips.


For tops, avoid those that make your shoulders wider. Instead, go for those that add volume to the hip area and take away the attention from the shoulders.

look for shirts that flare from the waist to the hips to give the illusion of shape. Your tops should also extend past the hip-line to take away attention from the shoulders.

The best tops for this body shape include peplums, v-necks and even wrap tips.

Coats and Jackets

As is with tops, when picking out coats and jackets, opt for those that spread out at the hips.

Clothes that flare at the hips tend to give inverted triangle shaped women the illusion of fuller hips.

Wrap coats are also a great option because they help cinch the waist and give the lower body part a fuller illusion

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