How to Make your Facemask More Comfortable When Hot

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Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere off the face of the earth, you SHOULD be wearing a mask at all times when you are in public. But let’s get real for a moment; it can get hot in there making breathing very uncomfortable. Woe unto you if you have not practised good oral hygiene and now your breath is unbearable. Here are a few tips on how to make your facemask more comfortable.

When it is hot and humid, face masks can get stuffy, sweaty and may even cause a heat rush. Thing is, face masks are crucial in the quest of curb Coronavirus and EVERYONE should wear it at all times in order to save lives.

  • Get  a more breathable mask

Choose a mask with structure as opposed to those that lie flat on your face/mouth. Breathable masks allow for the circulation of air which helps to reduce the high temperatures. You can also layer up if the breathable mask is not offering the best protection to the people around you.

  • Choose the right material

Go for material that is natural i.e. cotton or synthetic. When it is hot outside, avoid masks with fabric that does not wick away the sweat.

A good example is material used to make workout clothes.

Layer a number lighter cotton fabric masks as opposed to one thick cotton fabric.

  • Always carry back-ups

When it is hot, your mask is likely to get sweaty so it is advisable to have an extra mask or two in your bag. Change when you feel the one you have is too stuffy or wet from the sweat. This is another way to make facemasks more comfortable.

Sweating and the humidity in the area covered by the mask can cause dermatitis or even an acne breakout.

As for the already used masks, be sure to store them in a sealable bag for proper disposal.

  • Take a breather

Well, in as much as it is not advisable to wear your mask on your chin because then you will not be protecting anyone form the virus, you can pull it down and take a few breaths when you are by yourself.

As for those that always have their masks around their chin or in the pocket and will only wear it when they see an authority, remember it’s their loss and that they are putting other people at risk.

Wear your mask at all times when in public.

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